“Girl Tech” Toys – The Gadgets for Girls Revolution

While women’ toys have always been rewarding for toy makers (assume Barbie, Cabbage Patch kids, Care Bears and – extra these days – Bratz), the marketplace for generation-based totally toys has constantly been a great deal greater heavily aimed at boys. Whilst, truly, many women enjoy them, video gaming structures and different such leisure technology function conflict video games, flight simulators and delusion role-gambling video games whose tempo and pictures are meant to enchantment to the male demographic. Lara Croft does now not wear tiny shorts for the advantage of her lady enthusiasts.

This Christmas, a agency known as “Radica games” is selling a line of technology-based totally toys aimed completely at young ladies that they name “female Tech”. athina escorts These gadgets for ladies encompass such objects because the “Password magazine”, a form of high-tech diary for cutting-edge women. It makes use of voice recognition software program to maintain unauthorized human beings (like siblings and dad and mom) from reading the owner’s innermost mind and includes capabilities like an invisible ink pen for even greater safety, a calendar to preserve the social life organized and an alarm to inform the owner if a person is making an attempt to break in to the magazine. But, it could be a higher product in principle than in exercise: many online critiques of this product do no longer advocate it due to technical system faults, most bringing up the voice-reputation software because the problem.

Any other “woman Tech” object this is poised to be very popular this Christmas is the “female Tech Digi Makeover”. It has a integrated virtual camera and may hook up to the owner’s television. The point is to take a photograph of a person after which use the tool to strive out unique hairstyles, haircuts and makeup to look how they appearance. It advertises over 50 hairstyles and shades, as well as an array of makeup that makes for an nearly countless aggregate of new seems. Not like the diary, this item has had very positive evaluations from consumers on exclusive web sites and is touted as one of the should-have objects for Christmas 2007.

“female Tech” features many different objects as properly, from a virtual video journal that may be hooked up to the pc for customizing entries, to a virtual pet referred to as the “Password domestic dog”. The goal age range for the “female Tech” toy line starts offevolved round age eight and they’re appropriate via the preteen years. Radica suggests that older people might also experience them as properly, but older youngster girls could probably be more interested in extra state-of-the-art technological items, such as the latest cellular cellphone or digital digicam. “female Tech” toys, however, are a brilliant manner to reveal more youthful girls that era is not only for boys.

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