Inserting The Keeper or The Moon Cup

The uterus is the size and state of a little pear, weighing around 113 grams. It is situated upstanding with the cervix at its base. The uterus sits between the bladder and the rectum and has enough space to expand up to twice its ordinary size during monthly cycle and can convey a child without influencing its neighbors. The muscles and tendons of the pelvis give a sheltered domain to the uterus to play out its capacities successfully. At the point when this ideal condition is undermined the uterus can change in position. This can be brought about by various things including pressure, a mishap or injury, labor, and so on mooncup positioning.
A portion of these side effects are considered “ordinary” however could be brought about by having a “tipped” or “tilted” Uterus. More often than not it doesn’t make a difference where your uterus is, particularly on the off chance that you don’t have any of the side effects we have referenced previously. Be that as it may, for the individuals who experience serious manifestations the information of the situation of their uterus is significant.
Each individual body is unique so nobody principle applies to all. Numerous individuals with “tipped” or “tilted” uteruses discover utilizing a cup simple. It truly can rely upon how much your uterus is tipped either advances or in reverse. A great many people find that when they have an all the more seriously tipped uterus they should rehearse which point wil suit them most when the cup is embedded. This can take a couple of cycles to become acclimated to.
At the point when embedded effectively the cup ought not create any sort of distress. On the off chance that you embed the cup too profound the cup can situate itself beside the cervix which will feel entirely awkward. The menstrual cup should sit underneath the cervix for ideal solace. You may need to expel the cup, flush and reinsert to get it at the point that suits you.
On the off chance that the stem of the menstrual cup is hanging too low them you might need to think about cutting the stem to an increasingly appropriate length for your needs.
In the event that you are uncertain please contact your medicinal services proficient for more guidance.

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