July 29

Write books and songs?

Alright, folks, let's dive in a pool of words and music! You know, writing books and songs is like cooking a gourmet meal for the soul, a delightful dance between imagination and wordsmithing. It's the ultimate DIY project, creating worlds with sentences and serenading hearts with sweet melodies! But hey, no pressure, right? So, grab a pen, strum a guitar, and let's brew some magic - who knows, your words might become the next bestseller or your tune the newest chart-topper!

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July 22

Why does it seem like music was better before the internet?

Many individuals feel like music was simply better before the internet era. This sentiment is often tied to nostalgia, as people associate older music with fond memories. Before the internet, music seemed more valuable due to its scarcity and the effort required to acquire it. Additionally, the internet has led to an oversaturation of music, making it harder to sift through and find quality tracks. Lastly, pre-internet music was often deeply connected to local cultures and movements, giving it a unique authenticity that can seem lost in today's globalized music scene.

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July 20

How does a day of a music producer look like?

The day in the life of a music producer is a whirlwind of creativity and hard work. From the moment they wake, they're immersed in music, constantly seeking inspiration and fresh sounds. Much of their day is spent in the studio, tweaking tracks and collaborating with artists to create musical masterpieces. They're also responsible for administrative tasks, like managing schedules and negotiating contracts. Despite the challenges, every day brings a new opportunity to shape the sound of tomorrow.

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