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March 25th, '07
What's crackin' with L402?!
Yeah, you just received a mailer only a few days ago, but read on. I've got more to tell you!

Genre? What Genre?!
I've always dabbled in this and tasted a bit of that. The record shelves and CD cases contain more than my fair share of 80's, Hip Hop and Classic Rock to prove it. But after nearly 10 years in the D&B game, the groove has changed. That dirty Electro sound has caught my ear and kept the spirit strong! Long-time friend and DJ, Kingpin, was in the same boat as I so we've decided to push the new direction together. Electro, Tech House, Techno, Progressive, Breaks, Minimal; the goal will still be to play music that transcends genre and is simply... good. Watch for gigs and events to hopefully start poppin' up soon. Oh, and don't worry, D&B's still a part of this cowboy!

New WebSite!
L402 has a new site dedicated to the Audio section! Aptly titled, this will now be the spot where we present all sound material to you. Have a look!

- L402 Event Calendar
Stay in the know with info and dates regarding the Pure and Firme events. Heck, we'll even keep you posted on other parties! (Keep on readin')

- Gigs
That's right. We're taking this show on the road. Okay, maybe just down the street for now. Check for when we just might be back in your town.

- DJ Mixes
From the old to new, there's a plethora of hand-picked and mixed files free to download! New ones to watch for:

Sucio's debut, Synthetic Prosthetic
Kingpin's massive 3 Part'er (not to mention his entire back-catalogue of D&B)
and who knows, maybe a new D&B concoction by Phear? (wow, about time!)

- Essential Electronic
Each week we sort out Beaport's massive digital release list and let you in on what is worthy of a good listen. Covering over 7 genres, there's a little something for everyone. Hear something you dig? Go buy it!

- L402 Recommended Events
There is no doubt about it- LA is the place... and it's almost impossible to keep up! Whether you're looking for a new spot to party or just a bit out of the loop, we'll do our best to keep you informed of the vitals. (Psst... Daft Punk anyone?)
Want your event listed? Hit us with the info!
(Events AT L402 DOT com) A flyer image is always preferred. Spam us and die!

Wait a second, how did I end up on this list?!
You read all the way through and just now wondered? Don't worry. As you can tell above, spam was, is nor ever will be tolerated by myself or L402's kick-ass web host. If you were on any of the now-defunct Club Muse, DJ Phear or The Unborn lists, welcome aboard. I felt it time to consolidate in avoidance of four separate send-outs. Head to the site and unsubscribe if you felt this was AN UNCOOL MOVE. No hard feelings, but I will miss you.

Oh, but I like this land and want to stay!
Awesome! Stay tuned for the Pure newsletter hitting your mailbox with details on how you can win one of six guestlist pairs! Who can resist TRULY free stuff?

Until then, go to the site and log-in. Drop a comment and let us know what you think! Feedback rules.

(Insert your favorite closing here),
Jeff Tovar


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