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300+ D&B Records For Sale From Phear’s Collection : Updated List Inside

By phear | November 8, 2007

L402 Record Sale Catalogue
Contact for Listening/Buying Appointments in Downtown Los Angeles
Jeff (at) L402 (dot com)

- Records will be held for no longer than one day.
- Otherwise, it is a first-come-with-cash-in-hand, first-served basis.
- Don’t see any prices? They all vary depending on market and sentimental values; overall condition; how many other titles you are purchasing. Submit a hold list and I will reply with a price for each that we can work with. I’m being very fair, but also know that some of these titles rarely make their way to used bins and are highly sought after by collectors. So, let’s make some deals.
- Mail-orders might be considered for those requesting enough titles to make it worth the task. How many is that? I don’t know. I’d really prefer to handle this face-to-face. Again, I live in Downtown Los Angeles.
- Availabilities will be updated when necessary. Stay tuned to this post for new listings.
- Serious offers only, please. And if you are looking for sound clips, I really can’t help you there. Try some Google searches or set up a listening appointment with me!

Download the Text File Here
Latest Update: 2007.11.07

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