Back2Back Sessions Volume 15 starts off with XXXL dropping it drum n bass funky on our ears. Track three sees the sounds of Calibre and the vocal stylings of DRS deliver a funky uplifting tune, “Trying To Find Our Way” while the untitled song from Lynx gives us a beautifully orchestrated MC rap over a stepping beat. This tune will not only get the heads moving but also actually remembering and reciting the lyrics. Very interesting tune indeed. My personal tunes on the mix are when XXXL takes it back to the ol’ skool of drum n bass with tunes such as “Your Sound (Remix)” (one of my personal favorite songs ever in drum n bass) with its ridiculous drum patterns and basslines (watch that rewind, ha) or when he represents with the classic “Share The Fall (Full Vocal Mix)” which sees Roni Size and the vocal stylings of Onallee mesmorize us with such passion! The mix is all over place in terms of genres of drum n bass, from amen laced tunes, to funky tunes to ol skool gems. The mix continually pics up and is steady from tune to tune. If you are a fan of funky tunes, ol skool classics, dancefloor rollers and . . . you know what, if you’re a fan of drum n bass, XXXL’s mix is for you!

DJ Phear is a DJs DJ who really exposes his soul everytime he touches the decks (be it live or on cd). The attention to detail in his selections and his mixes are what makes him one of LA’s best and this mix is such a look into his mind’s/soul’s operation. The mix begins as Origin feat. Deanne Simmons whip up a haunting intro track that leads into the Gridlok’s smasher “Wake Up!”. The middle of this mix, in my opinion, is just drum n bass at it’s best as Phear mixes so gracefully some outstanding tunes such as “Forgotten Souls”, “Angelique”, “Pathfinder” and “Skyscraper” to name a few. This mix is techy rollers in the beginning and end, with a musical rollers encompassing the middle. Like a journey, this mix has a definite purpose and a definite beginning, middle and end. Phear’s mixing links tune with tune almost seamlessly so the listener just gets absorbed in the mix not noticing what sounds belong to which tune. Simply put this mix is very engaging to the listener. Seriously this is the mix to get you through the day, it is just right with all of its elements, a masterful mix indeed by DJ Phear.
- Words by Chris Lakey (MC XYZ)

“City Life” - MYSTICAL FEAT. DRS [Soul:R Promo]
“Mystical Soulution” - MYSTICAL FEAT. RAS-T-WEED [Soul:R Promo]
“Tryin’ To Find Our Way” - CALIBRE FEAT. DRS [Signature Promo]
???? - LYNX [Soul:R Promo]
“Your Sound (Remix)” - J MAJIK [Razors Edge Promo]
“Drop it Down” - CALIBRE FEAT. MC FATS [Signature]
“Fade to Black” - SOULJIA [Hard Leaders Promo]
“I and I” - BREAKAGE [Digital Soundboy Dub]
“Share the Fall (Full Vocal Mix)” - RONI SIZE FEAT. ONALLEE [Talkin Loud Promo]
“Miles from Home” - PESHAY [Mo Wax]
“Don’t Hold Back” - HEIST [Full Cycle Promo]
“Signs” - BADMARSH AND SHRI (CALIBRE Remix) [Outcaste Promo]

Mirror Of Your Phear Intro - ORIGIN FEAT. DEANNE SIMMONS
- Wake Up! - GRIDLOK [Project 51]
- Sacrifice - SKC AND DIS [Obsessions]
Beckoning - KONFLICT (USUAL SUSPECTS Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
Between The Lines - VICIOUS CIRCLE [Renegade Hardware]
Force Back - MINDSCAPE [Citrus Recordings]
Forgotten Souls - BUNGLE AND INDEX [Hospital Records]
- Angelique (DnB Mix) - CHANNEL SURFER [Nulogic Records]
Pathfinder - JAQUAN [Viper Recordings]
Skyscraper - MATRIX AND FUTUREBOUND [Viper Recordings]
Worth Living - POISE [Unsigned]
The Vacuum - BREAK [Critical Music]
Standing Room Only - HIVE & GRIDLOK FEAT. D-BRIDGE, BREAK & SILENT WITNESS [Violence Recordings]
Veil - STATE OF MIND [Citrus Recordings]
White Crow - VERSE & KEATON FEAT. ANGELIQUE [Crunch Recordings]
Free Your Mind - ES9 (D-BRIDGE Remix) [06S Records]