L402 Audio is a Los Angeles based event coordination and DJ outfit maneuvered by Jeff Tovar. With roots deep in the drum & bass culture under the guise of Phear, the focus has encompassed electronic dance music en masse as Sucio with partner Kingpin (Brian Hill). Contributing efforts are also provided by long time friends Origin (Ryan Kull), Cosmo Brown (Jorge Reyna), and Supah C (Paul Rojas); good friends Danny Johnson (United D&B), Reason (Peter Allen), Kemst (Steven Jackson), Deanne, Tony K; and the love of my life, Missy… to everyone else who has helped out along the way, Thank You!

Contact Jeff Tovar (Sucio aka Phear):
Sucio at L402Audio Dot Com

Contact Brian Hill (Kingpin):
Kingpin at L402Audio Dot Com

*** RIP Billy Zero ***