Sucio’s Quick Fix Series (Volume 1)
Musica Para La Danza
32:25 | 44.7 MB | 192 KBPS | 04.2008
Tracks Arranged, Re-Edited & Mixed by Sucio in Ableton Live
Cataloguing with Mixed In Key

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The Tip (Tom Neville Remix) - King Roc
Back On Earth feat. Dropkick- Hiras
Another Excuse (DFA Remix) - Soulwax
Paris Four Hundred - Mylo
When Doves Cry - Prince
Everybody Freakin’ (Dirty South Remix) - M.Y.N.C.
Mr. Tanaka (Patrick La Funk Remix) - Oliver Moldan
Hot (Nicolas Vallee Remix) - Paul Johnson
Cut Right Through (DJ Delicious Remix) - Cicada
Needle Damage (Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold Dub) - DJ Dan
Shake It Up (Hook N Sling Remix) - Stanton Warriors
Make This Party Rock (Nino Anthony Remix) - Z-Listers
Is You - D.I.M.
Girls In Hats (Boy 8-Bits LinnDrum Workout) - The Loose Cannons